Monday, 30 January 2012


In discovering particular contemporary architects, such as Frank Gehry and Zaha Hadid, I have found so great inspiration through architecture design. The use of textures, colours, materials and shapes take on a futuristic and yet unique feel. I aim to use materials that create this feeling. Something which I need to consider over the next few days is how to create shape and sculpt both copper and metal into my face jewelry. Please see below for a simple moodboard that shows the works of architects Frank Gehry and Zaha Hadid and Jewellery designer Shaun Leane with the collaboration of the late Alexander McQueen.

I need a colour theme that is in-keeping with my theme and inspiration. When I think of futurism the colours that spring to mind are blues, blacks, greys and whites, ones which represent the idea of space and galaxy in particular. Please see below for my colour palette, I am keeping it simple and sophisticated so that the designs appeal to a wide audience. I aim to use these colours in my photoshoots to create my interpretation of futurism.


I am currently focusing on the research and development stage of my project and will be trying to gain a strong and clear knowledge of jewellery design and creation. My research so far has been of great gain and I have come across a wide range of jewellery designers and architects that work in a contemporary way. My most recent discovery is Hannah Martin, queen of the London Urbanite jewellery scene and purveyor of architecturally bold pieces that work to push against the staid adornment grain.

The video featured below shows the process involved from design to perfecting the finished piece. This video is relevant and helpful to my research and creates a clearer understanding of the process involved in the making of the jewellery. Martin scopes inspiration from architecture and sculpture, this is the foundation for my inspiration and design development which has helped me greatly in research.

In the video below Martin has joined forces with film director Ian Rodney Wooldridge and cinematographer Pacu Trautvetter of Ipancu Film to show the craftsmanship involved in the making of this piece, as well as the rest of her collection. Produced by Nathan Morse, the three-minute film - set to a soundtrack by Andrew Haines - also gives a rare glimpse of the inner workings of London jewellery 
district Hatton Garden.

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Recently I have been looking at the work of local Jewellery designers to look at the style and materials they use. I have found a few jewellers who have a style that is similar to the ideas I have. Margot Hartley is someone that I have actually contacted and this week I went to her workshop to meet her and find out more about her work, inspirations and to see her pricing if I were to perhaps even commission some pieces. Please see below for a few pieces of Jewellery by Margot Hartley.

I love the textures, colours and shapes of Margot's pieces. I feel they are really unique pieces of jewellery that experimenting with the different styles of jewellery. Although such beautiful pieces I couldn't afford to commission any pieces as the price was over my budget as I do also need to budget for the printing of my look-book towards the end of the project. However I will take on board my meeting with Margot and use this as an inspiration when creating my 6 pieces.

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The intention of my project is to produce a collection of original jewellery designed for the face. The collection will be photographed and styled into a look-book that exhibits the 6 unique and luxurious pieces that complete the collection. The collection will be designed around an attractive, contemporary theme of futuristic intertwined with Avant-Garde.

Constant development in fashion trends would imply there is a clear gap in the market in regard to broadening its common function that has perhaps otherwise been overlooked. The current economic climate would suggest that an affordable pricing strategy must be adopted. With this in mind it is intended that no gold material will be used within the finished product, yet avoiding this impeding upon the luxury and exclusivity of the product.

By creating an item that merges both jewellery and make-up this product will provide customers with an alternative function to jewellery’s common use by contouring the facial structure in an original and inspiring manner. The motivation and inspiration for this project has been greatly developed through the creative theory and original design idea that merges two of the largest fashion facets, make-up and jewellery.