Monday, 30 January 2012


The intention of my project is to produce a collection of original jewellery designed for the face. The collection will be photographed and styled into a look-book that exhibits the 6 unique and luxurious pieces that complete the collection. The collection will be designed around an attractive, contemporary theme of futuristic intertwined with Avant-Garde.

Constant development in fashion trends would imply there is a clear gap in the market in regard to broadening its common function that has perhaps otherwise been overlooked. The current economic climate would suggest that an affordable pricing strategy must be adopted. With this in mind it is intended that no gold material will be used within the finished product, yet avoiding this impeding upon the luxury and exclusivity of the product.

By creating an item that merges both jewellery and make-up this product will provide customers with an alternative function to jewellery’s common use by contouring the facial structure in an original and inspiring manner. The motivation and inspiration for this project has been greatly developed through the creative theory and original design idea that merges two of the largest fashion facets, make-up and jewellery.

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