Monday, 20 February 2012


This week I went to Sharon's drop-in so she could suggest some useful research points. This was a great help and in the next few days you will be able to see who was suggested and shown to help my research and development. I also had this weeks tutorial where I showed Clementine some of my research and told her some of my ideas. As well as this we discussed the whereabouts of the project in regards to its progression and the experimenting of materials and products, as well as conducting research. Clementine was able to give me some reasonably positive feedback within my research saying I was on the right track and that I generated a considerable amount. I did express my general concern about the project and that I wasn't feeling over all that confident about the direction it was heading. In reflection I am glad I was able to speak to someone about this. Clementine suggested that I went over my proposal statement and altered it to fit my new direction as this would help me feel clearer about objective and to generate more confidence in regard to my ideas. 

Proposal Statement:

The intention of this project is to design and create a collection of pieces that focus around a theme of futurism. This furistic theme will be achieved through the adoption a vast of range materials and was chosen due to the ever developing demands of the fashion industry. 

The materials adopted will play a distinct and intricate role within expressing the ideas and themes of the collection.
The pieces will be designed to adorn the face and body of its model. This design was adopted due to the rather restricted current use of jewellery and the therefore apparent gap within the market for the production of these pieces. Once created the the collection will be then both photographed and presented within a book emphasising this design of adornment between the face and body.

 My proposal statement was quite different to the intended outcome now. altering my proposal statement has helped me achieve this. I must now begin experimenting with textures and materials and hopefully this will enable the shoots to take the correct direction.

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