Sunday, 11 March 2012


A big part of my project involves testing and experimenting with a variety of materials to see what will work and what won't, therefore the last few days have been spent utilising some exciting materials. In turn I have mainly focused upon thin metal wire, foam clay, balloons, magazine transfer, tights, LED lights, paper, putty, string and crepe paper. Although these my be materials you come across on an everyday basis I am looking at them in a fresh, unique way and my aim is to use them on the face and body to create new silhouettes and shapes representing the projects futuristic idea. A problem that has occurred during my time experimenting was in regard to ensuring futuristic elements are clear and won't be missed within my final outcome. The last few days of experimenting have led me to discover some exciting thoughts and design ideas giving me a better understanding of how well it could potentially work as an image. It has in turn proved a worthwhile experiment.

I wanted to have fashion images on the skin to express this idea of how we may perceieve fashion and beauty, is this the new way of wearing and expressing beauty, or could it possibly be the new way of seeing fashion photography? 

I took this idea to Sue (my hair and makeup tutor) who showed me a way of printing an image onto the skin. Using acetone nail polish remover we were able to transfer an image from an old stylist magazine (see first image below). I then went and picked up as many stylist magazines as I could get my hands on and started experimenting up my own arm (image below).

This idea is definitely one I want to run with and can't wait to start creating this specific look. Something I need to be aware of is the speed of application. You have to move quickly for it to print onto the skin, as once the nail polish remover mixes with the air it does evaporate rapidly. 

I used wire, crepe paper and PVA glue to create a slightly opaque effect and used LED lights to shine through. Although creating quite a pretty and interesting look however its power is not overwhelming.  In reflection I do want to work with LED lights so this is something to think more about.

The image below has been made using a foam clay that I picked up from a children's store. I picked up two small pots of this and after shaping it and playing around I decided to go back and buy some more pots. I picked up 10 more but chose a whie/grey colour instead. I felt this colour tone  was more fitting to my theme and it looked better as the black one contained visible transparent white foam (as you can see from the image below). I shaped them into numerous different shapes and let it dry for a few days until it became solid. 

Balloons have been difficult to experiment with as I'm generally terrified they will pop when blowing them up or moving them. However I plucked up the courage to use them for an idea I had. I stuffed a pair of thick black tights with numerous different sized black balloons and put the top of the tights around my head. I loved the way it took the shape similar to that of certain architecture I had spotted weeks ago. The image doesn't express my idea as well as I had hoped but it did look really effective, the fact that it was hard to photograph may prove problematic so I will have to be cautious of lighting and take this into consideration.

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