Sunday, 11 March 2012


This week I have planned two photo shoots, Tuesday 13th March (5-8pm) and Thursday 15th March (5-8pm). Although with only a small amount of studio time I do plan to create two shoots per time slot leaving me with another four more images ready for my book. This will leave me with five images to create by the end of the week, including my image from my previous shoot. I have had plenty of time to collect the right materials for the next 4 four shoots and with plenty of time to research I feel prepared and organised for the week ahead. Another plus to creating 2 shoots per studio time is that if an image doesn't work I am leaving myself enough time to re-shoot.

This week the materials I will be using for my shoot will be wire, balloons, tights, magazines and cling film. All very different materials in texture, colour and style however each will hopefully compliment the other as a collection of images.

Please see below for some inspirational images I have collected throughout my research process. These images have helped inspire my ideas and further my designs, through their use of colours, textures and lighting.

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