Thursday, 12 April 2012


It is important to stay within my original budget plan, included in my project proposal. However as my project has altered throughout the process this has in turn resulted in the budget also changing.  As my budget initially left enough money for the possible commission of jewellery I should have stayed well within it. Below is the original budget plan.

Although my outgoings have stayed within this budget, the materials used and other overheads have varied greatly. I have calculated how much I have spent so far and the categories I have covered within my budget. I'm really pleased with the outcome however as my main and initial concern with these type of project related directly to its costs. Project expenses have included materials I have used in all photoshoots to create an adorned face and body, makeup, and photography, as well as equipment such as a hot shoe and larger memory card.  

Travel:  £0

Models: £0

Research materials: £20

Photoshoot materials: £70

Total (so far): £90

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