Friday, 13 April 2012


This week I completed two more of my shoots that haven't been re-touched and included below. Both concepts look at texture and growth with the idea of the body being taken over with a loss of control. Overall I am happy with both shoots and, importantly, will be in-keeping with my other images. Despite this it proved difficult in creating an image which featured flesh coloured paint dripping down the neck and onto the body. The visible layers of paint was in turn the most difficult but also most important factor in my image. I took some initial photographs and decide to add more paint when looking over the images which proved a good decision as I was able to create layers and a more prominent texture. I also tried range of styles when photographing, including close up as well as the capture of movement thus giving me a wider range of images.

My second shoot was successful and went according to plan. I had a small amount of time to complete the look and by keeping the makeup simple and clean enabled me to keep well within my time limit. I used white foam clay around the chest, neck and face of the model in order to express the idea of growth on the body. The unedited images below from my shoot are actually two of my favourites, however the model has a certain facial expression that, although not overpowering, I feel does not keep continuity with my other images. Therefore I've chosen not to use either image in my book.

Please see below for the chosen images edited and ready to be published. These images were chosen as I felt they are most fitting n regard to the photos as a collection. They both seem to demonstrate textures and layers in an intended futuristic approach. Therefore I chose these two images to represent my theme and concept most clearly, and I am please with the outcome.

Photography, Concept and MUA:
Lauren Banner

 Allie Meek

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