Thursday, 9 February 2012


Today I had a brief discussion with my tutors Sharon and Chris about my various  ideas. As this was my first tutorial I've had with both tutors my idea was completely new to both. This tutorial gave me a fresh pair of eyes and insight upon the project. Both Sharon and Chris have now given me a new and very different perspective in comparison to my original thoughts and from this I will be looking at possibly taking a slightly different direction in general.

Both Sharon and Chris agreed the project seemed exciting and a bit different, which is one of my main aims, so I was pleased that I appear to have achieved this. However it was said that the materials I want to use aren't really representative of futurism as they are materials that have been used for many years and are actually one of the oldest materials available. They also questioned why I wanted to use the jewellery only on the face. My reason for this is because I felt there was a gap in the market for such an item. So does this mean i should be thinking about using the body not just the face? This is definitely something I need to consider.  

Although the idea of using new materials is exciting and could potentially make for a better outcome I am now feeling slightly behind in my research and development stage. With quite a lot of information to process I think my first step will be researching new materials, scientists, artists and numerous other routes that might help me gain a stronger starting point.

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