Sunday, 18 March 2012


I am now preparing for my next two shoots this week. As my studio space is limited I need to be completely prepared and organised in order to work to my time limit. This week I will be focusing on the use of magazine printing onto the legs. As you can see from my moodboard below, I have used examples of patterned tights and painting onto the legs. I want to take this idea further by printing fashion/editorial images onto the skin using magazines. The way we see images in the media is through magazines/newspapers and internet  and therefore I want to push this boundary by the idea of wearing the media on our skin. Perhaps this is the future of advertising? 

My second shoot looks at the use of the spine. I am using a soft material and looking at the curving of the spine in relation to evolution. I bought 8 shoulder pads, with a mixture of sizes so i am able to alter the size as it goes further down the back. I want to capture the movement of the spine.

Please see below for my two moodboards for the two shoots taking place tomorrow.

I have completed my shoot today and preparation has ensured that I was able to complete both shoots in the time given. I am pleased with the outcome and I feel I have portrayed the concept well in my images. Please see below some unedited images from today's shoot. All of these images capture the movement of time however some are slightly overexposed and others may draw concentration away from the intended concept. 

I have chosen one image from each of my shoots. I am happy with my choices and feel these show the adorning body well. Please see below for my two chosen images, both of which are ready to be published.

Photography, MUA and concept:
 Lauren Banner

 Allie Meek

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