Sunday, 18 March 2012


I now have five images edited ready for my book. I have in turn put the images together to examine the aesthetic quality of them as a collection. It is important that they show continuity throughout as well as representing and ensuring a futuristic theme remains constant. I have created various different concepts for every image, however I believe they also work well as a collection of images that develop an idea of adorning the face and body in a futuristic way.

Originally I planned to produce six to eight final images, however it was a this may also prove rather ambitious from an early stage. Despite this, the surprising progression of the project has led to the development of five images at this stage and therefore I will aim to develop 10-12 images. This will not only make for a stronger collection but will give me the opportunity to really experiment with the adornment of the face and body. I have many ideas that I want to follow up and take further as a concept, and therefore the decision to produce more imagery for the book will allow for this.

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