Sunday, 11 March 2012

T E S T I N G , T E S T I N G

Today after I had shot a look for my portfolio I carried out a few test shots to further my experiments and ideas. Using the rest of my studio time to test shoot proved a good use of time and helped in the progression of both my portfolio project and my final major project.

My suitcase was full of string, cling film and colourful powders. Tying and pulling at string around the face and neck created different expressions on the face and the skin began to bulge out into the empty spaces. My model was unable to move her mouth and was restricted with head movements as I photographed. Removing the string from the facet created red lines due to its tightness, this was an interesting surprise and I didn't expect the string to make such a strong and bold effect on the skin. I threw blue, orange and a purple glitter over the face when the string was on, I wanted to see the effect left on the skin. I don't feel this look was very powerful but this was possibly due to the need for more string. 

I also tightly wrapped cling film around the face. This pulled parts of the face up and down and again changed the natural shape of the face in an interesting manner. I liked the way the cling film created a sense of claustrophobia. I am really pleased I test shot before hand as it has been an important step in my design development and has given me some more confidence in regard to the ideas of the project.

 Please note none of these images below have been re-touched.

Photographer, MUA and concept: Lauren Banner

Allie Meek

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