Sunday, 11 March 2012


Today I had my first feedback with Chris since my test shoots. Although he was pleased that I was on the right track he didn't feel my images represented the idea of futurism and he questioned the use of string. Although agreeing with the points Chris made today I feel the specific shapes that the string made upon the face was a particularly powerful aspect and that the idea of experimenting with this concept came from a quick feedback last week with Jennifer. This has in turn created as sense of slight confusion. I think I will still try adapting the string further into my project, as with the correct makeup I feel it may still work.

My feedback overall seemed to question the use of materials. Although the materials I use are important I feel the point of my project is how I use them to represent my overall concept.

Tomorrow I have my first shoot that will be published in my book. Originally I was producing a look-book that would exhibit my unique face jewellery, however since development my project has altered. Despite this, although my target audience is still the same, appealing to a wide range of ages, keeping a sophisticated and clean look is still an imperative aspect to the project. I would like to see my book displayed on coffee tables in art and design based offices.

My first shoot will be created using white paper/card. I want to focus mainly on the face and neck in particular. Below is the designed moodboard for this particular look.

As you can see from the images used I want to create a slick side parting with the rest of the hair back and of the face asI don't want any focus taken away from the face. I have taken inspiration for the hair from the 1960's space age fashion I previously looked at. In regard to the makeup I want to create a nude lip, alongside a smokey eye thats in-keeping with my space and galaxy colour theme. With highlighted skin and a clear complexion I also want blocked out eyebrows creating an almost supernatural or alien like look. 

The main image of the moodboard is an image that has provided particular inspiration.

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