Friday, 13 April 2012


My test print has arrived, although the delivery time was 7-10 days it arrived within 6 which is helpful leaving me even more time to alter and tweak everything. Please see below for images of my test print. 

I am pleased with most of my test print, the quality was my main concern and this has proved to be fine and I am actually pleased with this. Something that was a problem was a few of the images did print slightly darker than I had hoped, I will need to lighten them slightly. The small piece of text I printed was too big so I will need to take the size of text into account when I am putting together the final layout. The foam clay image didn't print very well I felt it doesn't seem very powerful as an image and I will re-think using this. The overall print I am happy with, I am pleased with the cover I have chosen, I love the contrasting textures. The test print cost £36 including £12 delivery costs.   

I have roughly a week and a half until I need to send off for my final print.

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