Friday, 13 April 2012


Originally looking at printing with I have done research and am now printing with Blurb are a big company and after reading reviews and interacting through email with the company it was clear they were able to print to the standard I was looking for as well as this I am able to put the book together using an app called Booksmart which makes the process slightly easier and means I can not compromise on quality.

 I have selected my 12 final images, I feel happy I have 12 final images, as I originally thought I would only have around 8. With hard work and determination I have been able to create 12 images.  The images below are ready to be put into my book, I have shown all 12 images during a tutorial, the feedback was very positive. A few minor issues were picked up, images 10 (textured foil) needed to be darkened around the eye and mouth area to make clearer it is a face and also the order the images are in is not great so I do need to work on both of these points today so I am able to start putting my book together. 

My next step will be a test print, I feel this is important as I need to check the quality, colour and size of the images.

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