Friday, 4 May 2012


After taking into account the feedback I received in relation to the pieces of text I have now altered them to be a short sentence describing how the skin is effected or what has happened. My book is now ready to be sent to print, here are some screen shots of my blurb in the Booksmart preview mode from

My book consists of 52 pages, 12 final images and 2 thumbnails featured before unveiling the final image. The reason for the thumbnails is to create intrigue and to show close ups of the skin adorned. I feel this has really worked well and finishes off the book well. I am ordering two copies and have left myself enough time to print both before the deadline also leaving me enough time in case anything goes wrong. For both books and postage the cost is £93 in this price also includes the £6 i paid to take away the Blurb logo which was on the front and back pages of my book, I think without this the book looks more professional. Now to sit tight and wait for my book to arrive.

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