Friday, 4 May 2012


The final print has arrived and in plenty of time before the deadline. The book photographed below is the book I will be handing in, the front cover is different to my test print this is because i took on board the feedback I recieved about my previous front cover. However I do still feel it works well as a front cover and have printed another book with the textured foil front cover, all feedback from peers and others has been positive about the textured foil cover and didn't warm to the idea of changing it however now that has been done feedback for this cover is also positive, this gave me the idea that if I was to publish a number of books all covers would have one of the 12 images on and would vary per book. 

I am so pleased with the font I have used, I really feel it fits well with the overall look of the book. All the images have printed well.

I ordered a light organic hardback book, I thought this was a nice touch to the final product and kept the book light and clean. 

I have made the images bigger so it fills more of the page in comparison to my test print, I feel this has worked really well because before the image wasn't evenly placed on the page where as now it stretches across the whole page with white space at the top and at the bottom, looking even and professional. 

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