Monday, 7 May 2012


What have I taken from this project?

Undertaking this project has made me so much more aware of risks, and experimentation. At first I felt like if something didn't work I would be unable to do anything about it, however now I feel I have progressed and actually feel that experimenting is important to trial and error products and if it goes wrong the worst is I have to re-shoot. I also feel my confidence has greatly improved, partly from independent working as you have to push yourself into situations and everyones projects are so different its hard to be at the same stage as others. I feel this has had a positive impact upon myself. 

Although I chose not to go down the route of jewellery making in the end I do feel contacting professionals and taking that leap into the professional world has helped me gain an insight into the industry. The outcome of my project changed dramatically however the thoughts behind my project didn't. When writing my proposal statement I wanted to create an outcome that involved an innovative design and looked at adorning the face, so even when my project took a different route the purpose of my project was still the same, I wanted to be innovative, creative and unique with my final outcome and I feel I have achieved this. 

Working to a university deadline is something I am now used to, however this project involved working to many deadlines, this was a great challenge for me and was something new. I needed to have all my shoots completed and re-touched by a certain time, I also needed to order a test print and receive it giving myself enough to make changes and order the final print which also needed to arrive in enough time to make alterations if desperately needed, looking back on this as a whole it has bee hard work to reach so many different deadlines, however despite some setbacks and some difficulty reaching decisions I managed to reach all deadlines and receive an outcome I am really pleased with and feel positive about handing in. 

I have been updating my reflective journal on a regular basis and I hopefully have covered everything needed. Writing reflectively has been difficult without just writing what has happened but with regular updates and covering every step of my final major project journey I feel my reflective journal does document accurately the steps I have taken. 

I feel this project has been a great stepping stone before heading out into the real world and has really been beneficial to my confidence and skills. As well as this meeting with industry professionals has helped me to network.

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