Friday, 4 May 2012


The final stretch is here. My book is here, I am currently writing my evaluation and the deadline is not far away now. I feel prepared and don't feel i'm rushing around last minute to get everything finished. I am finding my evaluation hard to write as its hard to reflect on all the important details without forgetting something or skipping a detail. 

Overall I feel really positive about my final book and outcome. Considering how lost I felt at the beginning of the project I feel like I managed to pull it back and create a book to a good standard. With a lot of hard work and determination my project has developed into a strong concept that challenges the boundaries of the face and body.

I have taken on board all the feedback, be it positive or negative, and used this to further the outcome and use the opinions of others to help make decisions. Something that I feel has played a vital part in the production of my book is the continuity throughout the images with an icy blue tone throughout. This was some advice given to me at the start of the project so although all the images challenge such different parts of the face and body in such different ways they still come together collectively to create a collection of images with an innovative theme.

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